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New Product: MEMS 1×64 Optical Switch

  • 2021/08/13 3:03:00

Gained through years' experience in the field of optical switch, especially MEMS optical switch, HYGJ’s MEMS 1×64 non-cascade optical switch was launch in July after long-term strict test, following the launch of non-cascade 1×32 and 1×48.

1×64 MEMS Optical Switch

MEMS optical switch is based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical System technology. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical switch, it has many advantages, such as small size, fast switching, low power consumption, long durability, easy integration and so on.

In this 1×64 single device, it can switch the optical signal from COM port to any one of the maximum 64 ports. The dimension is only φ6.0×47mm, which is equivalent to the low-channel single device, and the insertion loss is less than 1.5dB, the performance and cost advantages are very obvious.




Low Channel

Cascade Multi-Channels

Numbers of Channels








Reliability Test

All new MEMS products are subjected to more than a dozen long-term and strict reliability tests before mass production to ensure that the products are fully compliant with Telcordia GR-1073-Core standards. For example, as for the Repeatability parameter, we carried out many 24-hours long-term repeatability tests, and the specification are all better than 0.05dB. As shown in the test figure below, the X-axis is time (second) and the Y-axis is Repeatability (dB). The MEMS optical switch completes a cycle switch every 36 seconds. The scatter point in the figure is the change of optical power collected by the optical power meter. In each cycle switch, the repeatability is less than 0.05dB within 24hours.

Long-term Repeatability Test Figure

And, thanks to advanced production technology, rich R&D and production experience, strict QC management, the performance of MEMS optical switch have reached the industry leading level, and more stable, more reliable.

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